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Vertical Green Gardens


Indoor or Outdoor Green Walls

GreenWalls, LLC is here to introduce to you our patented Modular Living Wall Systems. Our green walls allow for various designs due to our system’s modularity. The plant containers quickly and easily snap into place, which allows for the plant design to be easily changed if desired.

Our Vertical Green Gardens can be installed quickly and  efficiently in any location, inside or outside. You may furnish your own plants or have us work with a nursery to design a wall for your decor. Also these walls are excellent for sound and noise reduction and, dependent on plant selection, can discourage insects. For indoor walls, we have designed and developed a unique LED lighting system that can easily be adapted for your decor .

Our green wall frames, which hold our 16” by 9” patented containers, are simply and easily installed onto any standard wall. The 16” width is designed to perfectly match standard construction frames for secure installation.