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Our Products

Modular Living Wall System


The Modular Living Wall System

All of our green walls are built utilizing our Modular Living Wall System. We can build customized indoor or outdoor green walls for decor and gardening.

Our Modular Living Wall System is also available at wholesale prices for retailers such as green wall wall designers, installers, and landscape architects. As a wholesale partner, you can build your clients a green wall that can be easily installed and maintained. We have a couple of wholesale packages for our partners that will help you build and design your green walls at a fraction of the cost of other green wall systems, which will make your customized indoor green walls much more attractive to your customers!

Find out how you can become a wholesaler of our patented Modular Living Wall System by requesting our wholesale package information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Vertical Green Gardens

Vertical Green Gardens - Customized Indoor or Outdoor Green Walls


Our Vertical Green Gardens can install quickly and efficiently in your location, inside or outside. You may furnish your own plants or have us work with a nursery to design a wall for your decor. These walls are also excellent for sound and noise reduction and, dependent on plant selection, can discourage insects. For indoor walls we have designed and developed a unique LED lighting system that can easily be adapted for your decor. Our water system, which is independent of the plant containers allow for simply and easy irrigation maintenance.

Contact GreenWalls, LLC directly for a customized installation or reach out to a local retail partner to have your Vertical Green Garden installed today!

GreenWall Ads

GreenWall Ads



GreenWalls, LLC can provide your company with the opportunity to advertise your logo and give the public a green image for your company. The logo can be strategically placed within the modular Green Wall or plants can be utilized to create your company logo and trade marks directly as part of the Green Wall. We can work with your Outdoor Advertising company to install our GreenWall Ads for your green image!


Public Green Walls

Public Green Walls


GreenWalls, LLC is committed to greening our public spaces by installing our Modular Living Wall System at various public locations. Further, we have developed a cost-effective system for local government if their budgets do not allow for the purchase and installation of our living walls. We will install and develop our green walls for free.  Contact us today to learn how you can get your free Outdoor Green Wall installed by GreenWalls, LLC.

Portable Green Walls

Portable Green Walls

Green Walls can be permanent of temporary. Wheels can be added to move the walls into a place to block the public's view from unwanted sights such as construction, damage, or vacancy. Also, our portable walls are perfect for events and special occasions. Rent or purchase your portable Green Wall today!