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Green Walls, LLC manufactures the patented Modular Living Wall System for various green wall design and installation. This patented green wall system allows for green walls to be constructed in various sizes from one square foot to an unlimited square footage. The wall is easily maintained since plant containers are independent of each other and can be removed simply by sliding the container that holds the plant and soil out of its mounting frame.

If you want to incorporate green into your designs, the Modular Living Wall is for you. From a spectacular entrance lobby green wall to a small, but impressive indoor kitchen herb garden, our vertical gardens can provide eloquent additions to your projects.

We’ve made “going green” easy by using soil based plants (as opposed to more complicated hydroponics), along with a simple, but effective watering system. With our modular design, a living wall can be attached to any existing wall or can be built as an independent structure. They are easy to install and simple to maintain. They are suitable for new construction or existing construction. Your clients will love them!

It is easy to change the color and appearance at any time. For a special occasion or perhaps just for a change of scenery, slide the old plants out and insert the new. The wall does not have to be all plants either, LCD’s, art work, logos, all can be substituted for plants. The watering system is completely independent of the plant containers, so you can re-design and create a complete new look at any time.


What is a Green Wall?

"A green wall is a wall, either free-standing or part of a building, that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and, in some cases, soil or an inorganic growing medium... The vegetation for a green façade is always attached on outside walls; with living walls this is also usually the case, although some living walls can also be green walls for interior use. For living walls there are many methods including attaching to the air return of the building to help with air filtration. They are also referred to as living walls, biowalls, vertical gardens or more scientifically VCWV (Vertical Vegetated Complex Walls)."

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